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Clear the Way Supportive Housing Corp is a non-profit organization dedicated to making homelessness a thing of the past! We inform, engage, and mobilize people to take action, as we raise funds that support homeless prevention programs in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

We manage a homeless shelter in Nassau county, known as Daniels House, it is located at 109 Park Avenue, Roosevelt NY. It is for small families and managed by Reina Mitchell. We are currently opening transitional houses in the Roosevelt area. In everything we do as a company, Clear The Way Supportive Housing Corp is guided by a single, simple principle: in order to help people, we must put people first. When you turn to our real estate experts or advocates for assistance, you can rest assured that our primary objective will be to find a solution that puts your best interests as a homeowner above all else.

In these tumultuous economic times, it is more important than ever for people to lend each other a helping hand whenever and however they can.  In order for you to thrive once more, Clear The Way Supportive Housing Corp helps you to be prosperous.  We help families in despair to see hope in their futures.  Clear The Way Supportive Housing Corp provides hope to homeowners who are faced with difficult decisions regarding their homes by educating them about their rights and options.  We believe that by empowering homeowners to make the best possible decisions considering their situations, we are helping to build stronger, more stable communities.

Our advocates and housing coordinators want you to feel comfortable with whatever decisions you make. When it comes to making the best choices regarding your home – for you, for your family, and for your community – knowledge truly is power.  That’s why above all else, we want to educate you about your rights and options as a homeowner.

The founding members of Clear the Way Supportive Housing Corp. have over 35 years of combined experience in real estate. Each one passionately advocates for people with disabilities, disenfranchised, and who are home-threatened. Over the years, they have connected with many supportive service agencies and know all too well the overwhelming lack of housing and the devastation this leads to.


Melissa J. Shea

Melissa has been an entrepreneur, business owner, licensed broker, loan officer, and real estate investor for over 15 years. She is the President of the Long Island Real Estate Investors Association (LIREIA) and has created a private personal portfolio of over 400 units. Melissa is a licensed loan officer and real estate broker in the state of New York. Her strength is in structuring deals for investors, especially with purchasing distressed assets. She has completed over $100 Million in real estate transactions.  Melissa has raised millions in funding for various real estate projects and has a large network of national operators throughout the United States. She is a mom of eight children three of which have Autism Spectrum Disorder with her husband John.

John M. Shea III

John is a licensed contractor and has been a manager since 2006. He has been responsible for oversight of over 100 rehabs in different states. He plays a key role in inspecting and overseeing the construction, renovations, and management of the distressed purchased properties. He ensures that the portfolio is performing at its optimal level while maintaining the high standard of quality housing. He also coordinates with local property managers and sponsors in various cities. He is a dad of eight children with his wife Melissa.

Michael Mulholland

Mike has over 25 years’ experience in finance and risk management as the Director of Treasury Operations for Credit Suisse Bank. In addition, Mike has 20 years’ experience in real estate investing. He has participated in 25 deals with renovating properties, commercial projects, apartment buildings, and private money lending. Mike is a licensed real estate agent and managing director of Diamond Shamrock Real Estate Development Corp.

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Foreclosure Prevention

If your property is in foreclosure, or is at risk of foreclosure because you have fallen substantially behind in your mortgage payments, you may feel helpless and discouraged. As a result, many people respond to the Notice of the Intent to Foreclose that they receive from their lenders by doing nothing at all, hoping perhaps that things will somehow just work out in their favor.

Clear The Way Supportive Housing Corp, a 501c(3) helps you to understand your options, even if your home is currently in foreclosure. You still have the chance to emerge from your situation without having a foreclosure or bankruptcy on your record. By making the best possible decisions given your circumstances, you may be able to achieve a fresh start with a bright and secure financial future ahead of you.

Time, however, is not on your side. The longer you wait to explore your options, the fewer that will be available to you. As a homeowner, you have rights – but in order to protect them, you must first be aware of them.

Homelessness Prevention

We aim to prevent homelessness by opening and operating various homeless shelters on long island. We currently have Daniels House, a shelter on Park Ave in Roosevelt for small families. It operates entirely on donations.

At Daniels House we not only shelter the families but we also give them a better quality of life. When they need to visit their families, they are provided with Uber's. When they have a job interview they wear fitted and appropriate attire.

Donations are not only monetary however. We are always in need of food, new bedding, new kitchen supplies, tooth brushes, anything you can think of even the small things that others might over look. Cleanliness is very important in improving morale in homeless individuals and making them feel like they have a home.

Since opening we have seen over 100 families come and go, and are able to find housing for 85% of them.

Zombie Home Initiative

Our zombie home initiatives goal is to take "zombie homes" (Blighted abandoned town owned properties) and prevent them from being demolished. Instead we aim to rehab these homes and take the eye sore out of the community. This goes a long way overall in improving the quality of life for entire communities, and prevent people from squatting in these dangerous obstructions.

When it is possible we turn zombie homes into homeless shelters after they are rehabilitated. Daniels House started out as one of these. Squatters in the zombie home were selling drugs out of it and committing crimes which clearly impacted the community in a negative way. But thanks to our intervention we turned something that hurts the homeless in the community into something that helps them instead.

Our initiative will always be one of our greatest accomplishments and with the help of community leaders in the area we continually identify and fix these problems.



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