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Empowering you to take back your life.

Not for Profit 501(C) 3 Organization Housing Counseling Agency 

Foreclosure Prevention

Foreclosure is a process that your lender must go through to enforce its right to force the sale of your home to collect an outstanding debt.  Your lender was given this right when you signed the mortgage or deed to your house.  Our team of professionals works diligently to prevent avoidable foreclosures and keep families in their homes.  This helps to preserve communities and prevents huge losses.  We strive to support homeowners obtain affordable refinancing or loan modifications to help them stay in their homes.





Homelessnes Prevention

Our team provides emergency responses including support, shelter, food, and programs to help individuals get back on their feet.  Our goal is to provide access to education and a means to produce an income so that people who have come on hard times have the support to better themselves and their family. 

Affordable Housing

We aim to provide access to housing that is affordable to those on median or low incomes.  This housing is made available at a price below normal market value.  This housing is oftentimes in communities where financial assistance is available, or rent is controlled for those who live there.  Residents in these communities also have access to additional services such as home care or social services. 


No cost...no obligation

We are here to help. 

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At Clear the Way Supportive Housing Corp, my housing counselor discussed my personal issues and helped me with my monthly payment options. 

~ Billy Young

Clear the Way helped me in monitoring my property. I was able to track the auction date and court actions. That provided me with a sense of stability in my very unstable world. That knowledge helped me to sleep at night.

~ Robby McCullough

Confidential conversation.

We know this is a tough time...we are here to help you take back your life!